Rector of our university Dr. Vatan Karakaya continues to make very important steps towards making Ahi Evran University a brand in education. Rector Karakaya gave the gospel: "Faculty of Engineering and Architecture Department of Mechanical Engineering will take a total of 110 students in 2017-2018 academic year."

Rector Karakaya stated that Ahi Evran University is rapidly developing and will continue to develop and that Ahi Evran University is enjoying the achievement of firsts. Rector Karakaya, the Faculty of Medicine, the Faculty of Fine Arts and now the Faculty of Engineering and Architecture by taking the students of the education brand Kırşehir'ın said that they have taken a very important step in terms of meeting the demand for higher education.

Rector Karakaya:  "Students will be taken to the Departments of Construction, Electrical-Electronics and Computer Engineering