It is a scientific discipline that focuses on biologically based mechanisms in the context of engineering applications, integrating the results into engineering domain and producing new technologies.

General Information

Students of Genetics and Bioengineering department are able to see not only biology-based courses but also basic science such as Chemistry, Physics, Mathematics and Thermodynamics, Biotechnology, Biomedical Technology, original and highly diverse disciplines.   The Department of Genetics and Bioengineering has a wide field of study such as Molecular Genetics, Neurobiology, Tissue Engineering, Bioinformatics and Pharmacology. Genetic and Bioengineering is the main purpose of research development.

Our aim is to provide students with the skills of analytical and observational skills, ability to identify problems and solve problems, to learn the principles and applications of disciplines in basic and applied sciences and to use them to create and apply interdisciplinary relations and to produce projects and adapt to developments in the scientific world, Honest, hardworking and productive individuals.