Geology is derived from the words of Geo and Logos.  Like all living things, people are a part of the Earth. All the necessary materials for all constructions, from houses to roads and dams, food, energy and mineral resources for all our vital needs are provided from the ground. Geological damage-earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, storms, landslides, mass extinctions seen in living things-can always affect us. A better understanding of the ground is necessary to be ready for these facts.  People have tried to understand why and how natural phenomena around the world have lived throughout their history.  Rather than interpret scientific phenomena and events like earthquakes and floods as a punishment given by supernatural powers, it is possible to find ways of protection by investigating the processes that make them happen.

         The Department of Geological Engineering aims to identify various engineering problems that may occur during and after the construction of the various engineering projects in the process of location selection and in the process of exploration and characterization of the features formed by complex geological processes in Turkey and in the search and exploitation of existing natural resources, Aims to identify the natural phenomena, investigate the causes and create realistic solutions, identify urbanization, agricultural and industrial activities as well as problems related to rapid population growth (eg environmental pollution) and produce solutions.