Mechanical engineering is one of the oldest and most basic engineering disciplines in history.  Until today, all major projects on behalf of engineering and worldwide have included engineers trained in this area. Mechanical engineers are still maintaining their indispensable position in the process of designing the future. Mechanical engineers are in charge of producing almost every product that you may have in mind in modern life. The development rate between the countries of the world is now based on technological products.

        Especially importance is improving in the areas of R & D and innovation.  It is precisely at this point that Mechanical Engineering is closing this gap with the potential for wide interdisciplinary study.

        The aim of Ahi Evran University's Mechanical Engineering Department is to provide students with the knowledge and experience that they have the knowledge and experience to be able to work in technical, administrative and R & D studies in the industry by giving education and training at national and international level, being entrepreneurs, besies  educate mechanical engineers who have the skills of analysis and synthesis, who are open to technological developments, sensitive to environmental and cultural values, who are beneficial to the country and humanity, who can do scientific research and technology to increase the quality of life of the society, have universal thinking authority and wide scope.

          It is the oldest of engineering activities and the most advanced engineering field, mechanical engineering, basic physics principles and materials technology, designing, analyzing, manufacturing and maintenance of mechanical systems and using mathematical modeling of physical phenomena and situations to provide analytical solutions. This engineering department will be able to produce new information in the field and enable the emergence of technologies based on this information. For this reason, mechanical engineering will continue to be one of the most important branches of science in your future as well as today.

          In general, we can list the current objectives of the Undergraduate Program of the Mechanical Engineering Department as follows:

             1. To educate graduates who have the ability to transform their research results into technology within universal criteria, working for the benefit of our society and humanity.

            2. To educate high-level personnelwho have gained the ability to apply knowledge of engineering, mathematics and science to the problems of Mechanical Engineering.

             3. To train the Mechanical Engineer who works in a company that has confidence in all stages of business life, can make decisions as responsible person, who can take part in technical, administrative and R & D studies in the industry, who is entrepreneur, explorer, technologically open  and beneficial to humanity, who has a say in the scientific platform and at the same time has his own livelihood and happiness.