As Food Engineering Department, we aim to train graduates who are focused on researching and developing, who are confident, who adapt to teamwork, respectful of professional ethics, strong social side, sensitive to the problems of the times, and aware of lifelong learning. In addition to these, our primary goal will be to train graduates who are preferred to the food sector, public institutions and universities.

       The Department of Food Engineering is a department that provides training in basic science, basic engineering and food science technology.            Graduates can work in the fields food production, product development, quality assurance and so on. They also have the opportunity to specialize in these areas in the future.

       The Undergraduate Program in Food Engineering is 8 semesters. The curriculum starts with basic science courses such as mathematics, physics and chemistry. Basic engineering courses such as thermodynamics, fluid mechanics, mass and energy balances, reaction kinetics, heat transfer, mass transfer and basic operations in food engineering are given. Food chemistry, food microbiology, food analysis, food quality control courses are given in food science department. In the field of food technology, cereal technology, meat technology, oil technology, milk technology, fruit-vegetable processing technology courses are given to complete the theoretical education. Many of these courses are based on theoretical and  practice, and applications are first completed in departmental laboratories.  Afterwards, students can do the internship.